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Zinc wicks drowning in J223??

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So I have successfully double-wicked a few 10 oz apoth jars with J223 and (2) 44-32's and (2) 51s depending on FO. But they keep drowning in 5 oz apoth jars, 2-1/2" wide, 6% FO. I tried 44-14s and 44-32s. I haven't tried 51z yet because they just seem to big for this small jar. I don't mean underwicked, either, these are just drowning...tiny flames, not a full MP, barely any scent throw. :confused:

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I feel your pain :mad:

I am dealing with a similar issue with zincs and my parasoy wax (not the J223). I also use alot of 44-24z and 44-32z. I am bumping up to 51z and will know more later on how they are working. I am also testing CD 10's and CD 12's, a complete wick switch for me.

Are you getting a white ash on the top of the zincs? I am. My flames are weak, nil throw and tunnel burning . . .some are extinguishing themselves.

Sorry I couldnt be more help at this point. I am still testing for a resolution . . .

BTW - my 44-24z and 44-32z are from different suppliers so I have kinda ruled out bad batches.

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