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Aroma Haven input


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I am making my 1st purchase from Aroma Haven. Here is my list-

Dream Catcher

Christmas Bliss

Amish Quilt

Sweet Tooth

Bahama Coconut (still searching for a kick but coconut!)

Sweet Amber Musk

and maybe:

Hungarian lilac

Southern Sunshine


I have gotten these from searching the board. Am I missing any other "must haves"? I NEED dream Catcher! A wonderful board member sent me a sample and I am in Heaven.... and I must order more. :drool:

I love unique scents, and I am searching for a couple "earthy" ones too.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions!

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It's Mabel's Mint Sugar Cookies for me. I got an ounce of the Celtic Moonspice but OOB it just smelled like a "Granny's Kitchen"-type of spice scent, I couldn't find anything to love about it so I haven't used it in anything yet.

But MMSC... positively drinkable...yummmm!

OOOOOOooooooo that one does sound FAB! Right up my ally!

My list is growing and growing :laugh2:

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I use several of AH's fragrance oils. But the one that I am really loving right now is one of her new ones...Cornucopia. I bought this a few months ago and FINALLY got around to pouring a tester the other day. The throw is amazing in my 50/50 wax. I don't carry too many fall fragrances so this will be a great addition to my way too many fragrances that I carry. LOL

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It's Mabel's Mint Sugar Cookies for me.

But MMSC... positively drinkable...yummmm!

It DOES smell wonderful OOB, but I get a weird plastic-y smell when I tried to put it in B&B. Do you use it only for candles? Just curious cause I really didn't like it in lotion but it smells divine in the bottle.

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