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Hi Everyone, I just purchased my first order from Just Scents. I normally use Peak, BCN, and Candlewic. LET ME TELL YOU,

JUST SCENTS ROCKS! I purchased about 48 samples Becky threw in a bunch more and let me try her wax samples. She is awesome, friendly and eager to talk and answer any questions you have. I have not used the scents in wax yet but OOB they smell stronger than alot of the other scents I have used and seem to have a more more complex scent...example: there seems to be a few layers to the scents...hope that makes sense. Anyway, Thanks Becky for all of your help and if you havent tried Just Scents, I think you should!:yay: !

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Hmmmm, I am remembering someone's post about being banned from WSP. I seem to know recall some complaining about JS in that department. Aside from all that, a few of her scents are good. Chestnuts and Brown Sugar for one. For summer Katie Jo's lemonade and Lemon Sugar.

Let us know which one's you like from those 48+ samples.

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Some say "good luck" because they have "other" issues with Becky, or maybe they don't work in THEIR wax. You know, certain FO's perform differently in different types of wax. That's why we test....:grin2:

I have used alot of her oils and they are just fine at 1 oz. per lb. and are some of my best sellers.....

Cranberry Orange Spice

Deck the Halls

Chestnuts & Brown Sugar


Pumpkin Patchouli

Frosted Pumpkin

Becky's Ultimate Vanilla

Blackberry Amber

Chocoate Amber

Vanilla Bomb

Iced Cranberry

Blackberry Fizz

Holiday Eggnog

Cranberry Orange

Not so well in my wax @ 1 oz per lb: Hot Maple Toddy and Breakfast @ Beckys. I up'd to 1.5 oz per lb. and they were fine.

I use IGI 6006.

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According to the JS website all the ones I chose are supposed to be excellent in soy. I have to test anyways so I will just see how they do. I've heard good things about them from others though. The other posts kinda had me concerned though

I hope they work out for you. I use a parasoy wax and ordered lb. bottles of fall and winter scents that said excellent in soy. Out of probably 10 fragrances...3 threw well. The Cranberry Orange Spice did not throw at all for me. And I was hoping it would because I needed to replace the one from Snowtop. Thank God ICS started carrying Snowtop's oils.

The few that I use are Cinnamon Cider, Caramel Cinnamon Latte, Brown Sugar Pecan, Country Kitchen and Pumpkin Pie. I've been able to replace the Country Kitchen and Pumpkin Pie from The Candlemaker's Store. I'll be dropping the other 3 once the candles are sold out.

Just to make it clear...the ones that I use were NOT part of the 10. I ordered those when she was having a sale.

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