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aroma beads


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Just made my first aroma bead jar freshener and trying to figure costs and pricing...

Seems with jar and beads and fo my cost is about 6.50 therefor, I would have to charge between $12.00 - $18.00 for a 10 oz jar

Sound about right?

I am using those pretty jars from NG-- ya thats about 2.00 a jar.

Just wondering if I use a smaller jar will I still have good scent throw?

Like maybe those mason or something

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I have never sold them in jars. I was not sure if people would pay that much for them. What I do is put them in a sachet bag and mix it with corn cob. I color the beads - each scent a different color and then scent the corn cob and mix them together. Mine sachets sell great this way and its a way to kinda stretch the aroma beads. Sorry I cant help you with the pricing.. just thought I would give you an idea of how else to use them.

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