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Finally trying something different...

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Ok... I haven't been able to try any new scents or waxes...LOL so I am tired of just pouring the same old scents with the same old wax in the same old jars... HAHA can you tell I am bored yet..

On to the rest of the story..

I seen some of the prettiest candles on ebay and got some ideas.. I have some 7oz tureens and I found some of the cutest little cookie cutters at walstore....

I made some apple embeds colored red and then cut some chunks all this made with 464 and 9% candy apple(my blend)

I put the chunks and embeds in the tureen and did an uncolored overpour using Mac Apple with the 464.....It was pretty... I used 1 lx26.. I did not take pictures cause I had sink holes and of coarse when I tried to fix it all got melted together on the top. Got to do something different there. Also the wick has got to be tweaked. I got a good burn with a cd14 once upon a time but that was before the CO and 9% FO..I lit it this morning cause I am more or less just playing and curious about the wick..It has been burning for about an hour and the wick is looking ok but got shrooms already..

Just wanted to share!:P

Hope everyone is having a great day! It is rainy and dreary here!


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I have found that LX wicks lead to mushrooming but my burn time is great so I try to use them whenever possible. So far they work best with my tealight clear cups and I use an LX10.

Your candle sounds so cool and I was hoping for a photo of it but understand it isn't exactly how you planned. I get a lot of ideas too from looking at what others do.

By the way it's rainy and dreary here and has been all week. Makes me want to be home with a cup of tea and not at work.

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I did have fun! :yay: And answered some of my own questions...And got a few new ones..I am going to do another one tommorrow and apply some of the things I think I have learned. Hopefully it will turn out pretty enough to take a picture and I will post it..

I got the tip for the lx26 wick browsing in the forums.. Can't remember who suggested this size for 464 and 7oz tureens.. But thanks.. Made my first try beautiful. ..Well beautiful all but the mushrooms.:P But this has definetly made my rainy day blues better!


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