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Testing 464, have some questions


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I'm taking the plunge in testing a new soy. I've used my own blend for some time now and I feel the need to change.

I poured a couple dark colors to see just how bad the frost can be. The dark purple is getting really frosty. The tops are very pretty though, without paying attention to pour temps, that part was nice and easy, just the way I like it. I can go colorless if this wax is easy to wick and a super thrower. That's the main thing I am looking for.

Do most of you find this wax easy to wick? Seems I get stuck on ones that are hard to wick. Trying not to do this again.

So it seems like most people using this wax use ECO or CDs in this wax. Has anyone successfully wicked this wax with the straighter wicks, like Hemps, Zinc, Filtec.....

For those of you that have tested this wax and choose not to use it, what are the reasons for not using it?

I've read that this wax is consistant batch to batch. Do most of you this find this to be true?

Anyone know of a west coast supplier?

I also got a sample of 444, the melt point is higher so not sure if I will like that.

Well tomorrow the test burns begin.

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I've been using this wax for quite awhile now, over a year. I love it. Frosts like crazy so I don't color. I use CD wicks, I've never used any other, but I do find it's much easier to wick than other soy waxes. I use smaller wicks with 464 than with other soys.

I tried the 444 once but I chose to continue with the 464.

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I am not sure about suppliers (I am on the east coast), but I found that Candle Science gave suggestions on what wicks to try based on the diameter of your container. This wick guide has helped me alot when buying test supplies (I am a newbie and in testing mode).

I bought C-3 as well, but am afraid to use it. So far, I love the the throw (hot and cold) of this wax, but as I have said, I am a bit afraid to try others when this one seemed very easy during my first try (done four test batches so far).

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