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A question for chunk candle makers

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For those of you who make chunk candles, mainly container ones, what wax do you use for the chunks? I don't need brands, just the type of wax. I am making peppermint chunk candles for my mom and for some reason I am re-thinking myself. I am doing a parasoy blend. But I use pillar wax in both the soy and the paraffin. 70/30 to be exact. After I melted the wax together and colored it, I began to doubt myself. I had notes once upon a time before the fire and for the life of me can't remember what make up I used. Just asking for your advice, not your formulas. LOL. Thanks.

I used CB Pillar wax and 1239 together.

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I'm not an expert but I've done quite a few batches of chunky containers recently and found I like to add about 25% J223 or soy to my pillar wax to make it easier to cut. When I used all pillar wax, the cut edges were sharper and had a rougher edge than the blend.

Just one more opinion!:highfive:


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