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Anyone use this supplier for oils?


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I have a handful from Bert's and they rock! Super fast shipper and great customer service all the way around.

BTW...what happened to Bluegrass. Are they closed now and did anyone take over their oils?

I have never tried them mainly because they were generally OOS on so many oils.

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Here is what I am looking for. My main scents (for soy candle) come from BCN, TN, Alabaster,& Bluegrass. To get a really stong candle I have to use

1 to 1.25oz per lb. =oils from BCN

1 to 1.10oz per lb. = oils from TN

1 to 1.25oz per lb = oils from Alabaster

less than 1oz per lb = oils from Bluegrass

I realize that all scents are not gonna be as strong but I have never ordered a scent from Bluegrass that was not very strong and took barely an oz per lb. However their prices are higher. Of the oils I have tried from Alabaster 50% have been really good the others I have to use 1.25oz per lb. , same with BCN. But sometimes they have really good deals. 75% of the oils I have tried from TN have been pretty strong, etc. I know it is a pick and choose thing, that you learn what oils from where work in your particular wax, etc. I was just afraid that because the oils from "Heaven Scents" were so reasonable (alot are $10 lb., correct?)that they were not gonna be all that strong..............But maybe I will try them based on your comments. I hope the shipping is not crazy................

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What type of wax do you use?

Here are some that are very strong throwers in my 415

Lemon Biscotte Pie

Pumpkin Custard Spice

Aspen Forest

Redwood & Cedar


Raspberry Brulee

Creme Brulee

Columbian Coffee

Amber Glow

Peanut Butter Crunch

Fall Harvest

Fig & Melons

Sensational Pine

Banana Nut Bread

Vanilla Latte

Cappuccino Brulee

I am sure there are more....HTH

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Are the scents you both listed ones from "Heaven Scents/Berts"?

I use 100% soy w/cottonseed oil (GW 435) . IT has been a booger to work with! I live on a mountain, i don't know if that affects things, but I almost always have to add coconut oil to get a stronger scent throw. I start thinking that it does nothing, so I leave it out........Not as strong......back to adding coconut oil! It frosts something terrible as well...........Like I said the oils from Bluegrass have been awesome in my wax, but they are so high! I would love to find some other oils that work really great in my wax as well!

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:yay: Hi,

I have been using Berts oils for about 2 1/2 years and I know I have at least 80 of her oils, out of all those, I think I've probably only had a handful that didn't throw all that well. I use gb415. She is a super person to deal with and ships fast! She used to just sell on ebay but has her own site now. Her oils are wonderful!




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