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What is your strongest scent in Soap?


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OT's Bonsai.

Also DH once showered with my OMH soap (OMH from OM now sold at Tony's or Southern Garden - whatever the name is now). Our air conditioner was not working so we had 2 repairmen to fix it. DH and one of the repairmen were standing next to each other with the other repairman standing across a counter from them. The repairman next to DH kept looking at him when he finally said, "Dude, I'm not funny or nothing like that but man you smell good!" His worker buddy looked over at them and said, "Man you DID NOT just tell that dude he smelled good?" When the guy admitted he did and told his buddy to come stand next to DH, the other worker did had to admit DG smelled good. So, I'd say OMH too.

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