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Christmas Tree


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I have 3 that are to die for and have been selling these for years.....

Balsam Fir: Used to get from the Natural Artisan but since they are no longer in business she said that Filmore carries the exact scent and it is called

"Christmas Tree" - but it is a true balsam fir....

And if you really want to try an absolutly marvelous combination, combine Balsam Fir with Vanilla.....to die for.... Been selling this combinations for years!

Another scent is called "Christmas Tree" by Alabaster....This is a true tingly pine aroma just like walking into a Christmas Tree Farm! Its bright, cheerful, and crisp! No lestoil here on this one and none on the other two either...

And one of my most absolutely favorite scents that I think is out of this world is "Sugared Spruce" by Candle Soylutions. Very different and very beautiful!

Hope this helps! You will not be disappointed with any of these!


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Tisk, tisk, tisk.

Spruce Christmas Tree -- Peaks lol.

Cinnamon Balsam (Peaks -- is a great complement to it lol)

Have to agree on both of these

Peak's Spruce Christmas Tree is dead-on to me - It is the first one I tried and I never even bothered to try another

When the tree goes up here the Spruce Christmas Tree tealites begin to burn!

And also agree that Peak's Cinnamon Balsam go along with it very well

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