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Long time admirer but first time poster


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Hi all!

I've been on CS since feb of this year but i've always stayed in the background of the site and gave inserts here and there. Soaking in all the great knowledge you ladies have.

I just wanted to show off a few of my creations i've been working on!

Of course they do not compare to the beauties you lady give but I do hope they impress a little :o

Everything I do is geared towards sweets and pastry. So my goal is to get it to look as real as possible but what you are viewing is not real...... so i'll say sprry to those who though they where now :embarasse

Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies (Bath cookies & whipped soap)


Bath Bomb Cupcakes (with whipped soap icing)


Pink Sugar Pound Cake


Lollipops Bubble Bar


Just Icing Please Soap


Whipped Soap Bar


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It's CP.....i'm not fond of m&p. Whipped CP by far is my favorite to make! It's just so much you can do with it.

Thanks for all the compliments! i'm kind of a shy person when it comes to showing off my creations. I guess cause I never want to give off that "i'm better" type of vibe. And also b/c i tend to get a lot of people that want me to give out my trade secrets and feel bad when I have to say "i'm sorry I can't just yet".....

But id oesn't feel good to have people enjoy what I create!

They look great! you did a wonderful job!! I have a ? what is whipped soap? its it M&P or CP?
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I think they are great! I never did CP soaps yet.. still in the M&P state.. maybe someday! But you have alot to be proud of! I think when you do a good job - you have the right to show it off! no one things you are being "I'm better than.." they are great on this site - I think everyone will be happy for you! You do nice work and you should show them off!! Congrats!

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