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In my cane making, I need berries of red and purple. I used polymer clay and they look ok, but of course, there is no light shown through. I've thought of beads, buttons or paper cut outs (to pale and don't really get the depth feeling) and now my brain is on hold. Any suggestions?? I'm open to ideas. TIA. Beth

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Hi. I tried the fake berries and the ones I tried are plastic covered foam. Some worked ok, and others cracked. There again, no light showing through. Wax embeds would be great and I haven't tried that. I thought they would just melt when I poured since my wax is at 200-205 or so. If I could get them to work, that would be ideal. I guess I need to just keep experimenting but I always look for the easy way out if I can! Thanks for the ideas...I'll just try some more. These berries are more what I am searching for. Aren't these just absolutely beautiful?



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