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4630 users ... need your input

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I poured my 1st 100% paraffin candles earlier this week. I used 1 lb of 4630 and 7% FO, no other additives except 2 drops of dye.

I started test burning 2 of them today. I went with the wick guide from CS since paraffin is a new ball game for me and what I'm wondering is if the CS recommendations seem on track to those of you that have mastered this wax?

I poured a 10 oz tumbler that is 3 1/4 diameter and used HTP 73. The 2nd is a 4 oz tin that is 2 1/2 diameter and I used HTP 62. I started out testing these with an LX 16 in the 10 oz and an LX 12 in the tin but those didn't even come close so I switched to the HTPs. The HTPs aren't doing the job either.

I guess my real question is ..... is the CS wick guide way off or could something else being going on?

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I have used 4630 and used HTP83 in a jar that is about 2 & 1/2 inches wide. If that helps. ANd then with my pint mason jar, I use HTP104 and that one is about 3 inches. HTH.

I don't normally follow the guides on suppliers sites because they don't always add up. Mainly because I think they are just a starting guide. I have always had to wick up from what the suggestions say.

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CS wick guide is a ball park. It is really no differnet then what the wick manufactures and other suppliers recommend, CS is just easier to follow with the drop down menus.

I have used 4630 and I would skip the HTp and use zinc. For the 2.5 dia. try a lx 14 or 16 and for the 3.25 try an LX 18 or 20. If you wanted to try zinc try a 44-24 and 51-32. I find that when you use zinc wicks with 4630 the size is pretty consistant with most Fo's.

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Is there alot of soot and/or smoking with the 4630 by itself??

FOF have you lit them up yet??


Tootie, this wax can be a smoker. You have to wick down with it.

FlightofFancy, I won't say I have mastered this wax at all. I am finding that different scents need different wicks. With some scents HTP wicks work well, with others Peak's cottons or LX wicks. A few scents I am finding that won't work with the other wicks seem to go well with the Premier wicks. And then I have a few scents that I can't make work with this wax but work well in J50. If you post what scent you are using, I may be able to help. I use Peak's and Lonestar FO. Coconut

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I did light them and while the scent throw was awesome I just couldn't get past the little puffs of black smoke.

I haven't given up but I'm not going to drive myself crazy trying to perfect these either, I poured them purely for curiousities sake.

:rolleyes2I use the same wax and understand how frustrating it can be. But everyone on this board have helped with different suggestions and I've narrowed it down to 44-32-18z for my 8 oz jars and 60-44-18z for my 10oz apothacary jars. Zinc wicks have been highly recommended by everyone so that's what I settled with. Still testing and will let you know if I find something better. Maybe we can send each email with test results and compare notes. Hope everything works out but don't give up. You definitely have experts on this forum very willing to help. Good luck! and hope I could be of some help.

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Like many, I find the the CS wick guide is only a starting point. Generally, I would wick up from their recommendation. I have wicked up with HTP wicks successfully, however, I have found that I prefer Zinc wicks. I do get a mushroom, but no smoking, no soot, so I can live with that. You're really going to have to find out what works for you by testing. Different FO's may require a different wick. Don't worry though, you'll get the hang of it! :)

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