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I missed out on the .99 sample sale, but ordered a few to try anyway. Please please some of you that got in on the sale and ordered lots of them POST your reviews. I am so impressed with the few I ordered I will be getting more. I use CBL 129 which is a parafin blend (no soy) Used 1 oz. per pound

Hansel and Gretels house: This scents rocks! It is really strong and when I am burning several candles at once you can smell it over everything else. I was thinking it would be more like a gingerbread but it is not. It is more of an oatmeal raisin cookie type smell. I have a large house and you can even smell it upstairs. It is delicious. Highly recommend if you like the baked cookie type smells.

Pumpkin Souffle YUM< YUM I just love this. To my nose it is more of a warm, buttery, nutty pumpkin. I don't pick up on the spice much. It is not like a pumpkin pie. It is different from the other pumpkin scents I have tried and not a "bakery" type smell to my nose. It throws really well, maybe not quite as strong as the Hansel and Gretals house, but almost. The two burning at the same time, Heavenly!

Red Hot Cinammon: This was just OK for me. it does smell like red hot candies but I expected the hot throw to be stronger. It is not what I would call "weak" but it doesn't "hold a candle" (pun intended) to the above two in my wax.

Cranberry Marmalade: I have not burned this one yet. Think I 'll go do that now and let ya know. The cold throw is nice and I can smell other fruit in there more than any spice. This is NOT like the spiced cranberries I have tried.

Ok, now some of you reading this post your reviews so I can go order some more from them. Very satisfied new customer here.

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Rain Water is super strong and for the fresh/clean customers, they LOVE it.

Brandied Pear is excellent. (Right, Sharon?)

Cranberry Marmalade is my absolute FAVORITE scent of all time from them.

White Tea & Berries is a nice scent. It is an exact dupe of Candle Cocoon's Peony White Tea (and less expensive).

Their Coconut Lime Verbena was good for me also.

I use 50/50 wax, 6% FO load, paper wicks in 10 ounce salsa & 8 oz. square masons. Hope this helps.

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