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How's this soap recipe


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I have been wanting a harder bar of soap. Tell me if this recipe sounds ok, or is it too drying.

35% olive oil

5% castor oil

32% Coconut oil

28% Lard

I did try it. It is a lot harder faster, and needs to be cut within 18 hours. What do you think.

Hardness 42

Cleansing 22

Conditioning 52

Bubbly lather 26

Creamy Lather 25

Lauric 15

Linoleic 6

Linolenic 0

Myristic 6

Oleic 41

Palmitic 15

and Ricinoleic 4

Thanks much for your input - Vanessa

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If you don't like how hard this bar is, you can try lowering the lard and CO amounts and adding that to the OO. For example:

45% olive oil

5% castor oil

25% Coconut oil

25% Lard

Hardness 37

Cleansing 17

Conditioning 58

Bubbly lather 22

Creamy Lather 25

Iodine 58

INS 153

Or you could do something like this:

45% olive oil

5% castor oil

30% Coconut oil

20% Lard

Hardness 39

Cleansing 20

Conditioning 56

Bubbly lather 25

Creamy Lather 23

Iodine 56

INS 159

The soap calc numbers are only a guideline and do not adequately reflect how a soap can actually turn out since they don't take into account how the oils play off of each other. Are these the only fats you have to make soap?

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