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Help with LX wicks in 464

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I've been using ECO wicks in my 464, but had started out using LX (didn't know much) and got some pretty good results, tho after reading on this forum, I know my burns were too hot. I still have a lot of them, silly me I bought too many to start.

I know I've read posts on this forum from people who use LX wicks in 464 and are happy with them. I tried searching on LX and the search engine says there are no matches, but I know there are. I tried looking thru posts again, but I've read SO much, and I have no idea where I saw it. Can someone please give a me starting point for a 3 inch status container and a 3 inch roly poly type? I use 9% FO load, tho I know most use less.


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Elliecat, thanks for the suggestions.

Jeana, depending on the oil, an ECO 12 or 14 in the Status jars. The 12 with CS Pumpkin lSouffle eaves a bit thicker coat than I like, so I will probably go with the 14 for that. The 12 seems good for the Very Vanilla from CS. The Roly Poly is a bit harder because of the increase in width, but so far the same wicks seem to bbe working. I have some hangup, but now that I'm on the bottom third of the container, and it's starting to catch up.

Thanks for answering. :)


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Well since eco 12 and 14 are pretty large, I would try between an lx 24-28 for 3" containers.

I don't use the same soy, but for my very vanilla ( in a 3" jar) I can get really nice results with lx 24. I have to wick that fo smaller.

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In my 3" diameter tureens, and square mason jars, I use an LX-24 in my GW464. All my oils come from Alabaster but frankly I don't think that matters much. The LX-24 burns beautifully but it does give me a full melt pool on the first burn, so some might consider that a bit hot.

I personally like my candles to give a full melt pool every time and I don't find the glass temps to be an issue, but that's just me - your mileage may vary :)

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Hi Dogmom,

I don't use 464, I use C3... I use the 3" status jars and the majority of the jars are LX 20's. OCCASIONALLY there is an LX 21 or 22. So far I've not had to wick down, but found just a couple of fo's that need the wicking up.

I get a great throw, a nice burn, anything that hasn't caught up in the beginning burns is usually gone by the time I hit half way down the jar.



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Thank you ALL for your replies. Do most of you use 6% FO load? That seem to be the most common. Just trying to decide on a middle ground and the amount of FO will definitely make a difference.

Kimberly, from the CS wick guide (and I know most people think the sizes they recommend are on the large side) it looks like the 464 and the C3 are similar at the 3" container size, of course they recommend ECO for both, but it helps with the translation to LX. BTW, that looks llike a whole lot more than 2rottndogs in your avatar!! ;)

Ronnie, the picture at the top of your website is really pretty.

Thank you all again, I will pour some testers tomorrow.


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