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Wax Help Please Quickly


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I bought a case of wax from the classifieds that stated it was a Naturewax Pillar Blend. I thought great price can't go wrong on this. So I did a search for this wax to find out the details. I did make up a couple of 2" pillars with it as a test and I could see what looked like a hairline crack but upon closer observation isn't a real crack that would affect the candle. Now that I look at it more it's looks more like a really light seam. I hope I'm making sense.

I decided to do a search to find out about this wax. I couldn't really find any info I did find some where that they recommended adding 10% stearic to prevent cracking.

I did look at the box the wax came in and it says Cajun Candle Factory so I contacted the seller first to ask about the wax and I also contacted the supplier. The supplier said they don't sell a Naturewax Pillar blend. Okie Dokie seller said never had a problem with cracking but thinks added stearic not sure.

My problem is I added the stearic for a candle order. I have NEVER seen a pillar wax foam. I mean it literally foamed in the middle like a puffing foamy type stuff. This has to be the absolute most pathetic S*I* I have ever seen. I've never seen any thing like it in my candle making years.

Does anyone have any idea why a wax would Foam? It's like actual foamy stuff that puffs up.

The bottoms look like DOUBLE S*IT but that can be remedied I am hoping. I just pray that the outsides haven't been affected by this I don't even know what to call it.

Any suggestions, input,answers would be greatly appreciated and if you have experienced this or even know what I'm talking about.

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Unfortunately, Vicky I remelted them and tried pouring at a hotter temp and with no layers. They are still hot so I will know more when they cool if it happens this time I'll try to get a good pic.

It seems that it happened when I poured on the cooler side around 150 so we'll just have to wait and see. I definitely don't think I can use it for rustics.

At least someone has an idea of what I'm talking about :laugh2:

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So far as they are cooling no foamy looking stuff. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the unmolding that they don't have white stuff on them. I'm not sure what that is or why it's happening.

Hopefully, you will know what this is as well. If they have it on them I'll take a pic.

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The problems you are having are not unusual with NatureWax P-1. In short - it sux. Here is one of MANY previous discussions about this product from the Veggie Wax forum:


You can fill out the form at this link to download technical handling instructions from the manufacturer:


I never connected the foaming issue to adding stearic acid (palm based), but have seen foaming and bubbling until the temperature becomes high enough for the wax to become totally clear... NatureWax products generally, in my experience, don't like being poured cool or slushy... And they need to be cooled slowly and evenly for best results. I had better success controlling the cracking when I mixed in a little pillar palm wax and C3 than straight palm stearic acid.

I don't remember Cajun selling P1 but they used to sell V1... I still have about 30# of that sorry stuff... Both V1 and P1 ARE salvagable, but you may experience nerve damage and hair loss while tweaking them to perform well. Sometimes, voodoo helps...:laugh2:

EcoSoya PB is a superior product. I haven't had a chance to try the new NatureWax P2 formula as none of the suppliers close to me carry it, but others here have and discussed their findings in the Veggie Wax forum.

Sorry I can't be more helpful or positive, but P1 is very temperamental.

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Thank you Stella this was very helpful. Guess I should have stuck to my Hobby Lobby paraffin. :laugh2: Now that I know a little more about this wax I do believe that I can defeat the BEAST LMAO.

I also just added the stearic with the wax when I measured it out. I will try adding the stearic after the wax reaches a hotter temp.

The 2 1/2" pillar that I have test burned has burned very well and no cracking. I didn't add any stearic to those so we'll see on the 3 inchers. I normally use an LX 16 with my paraffin did you find you had to wick up on the P1?

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