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Question for paraffin users

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LOL @ tootie! I just couldn't resist the urge any longer.

I poured the 2 testers about 4 hours ago and so far they have set up BEAUTIFULLY. I poured cooler than what CS recommends, they say 170 and I poured @ 155. The jar and tin are both still slightly warm to the touch but so far no sink holes.

My biggest fear is that when I light them I'll get smoke/soot which I can't stand. If they stay as pretty as they are now once completely set and have a good throw then I'll keep playing as long as my sanity holds out.

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I do 1/4". If someone cuts to 1/8" an inch on a large candle, it could produce some awful tunneling from a smaller flame, in varying conditions. I gave someone in MN, MO and here a wick trimmed to 1/8" and had them take pics of the burn. Here, it burned alright, but "down there" it didn't do as well. I did the same with 1/4" and it burned better in all locations.

Also, someone may get overzealous on 1/8" and go too far down, 1/4" has give on both sides as a consumer.

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