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A flickering wick

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I am testing two candles right now with my 70/30 blend wax. Same size jar, about 2.5 inches wide. One has a CD10 the other the 51-etc.-etc. zinc wick. I am an 1.5 hours in on my burn on the zinc and just about an hour on the CD10. Already a great throw from CD10. None from zinc. But the CD10 flickers, a lot unless it is trimmed to 1/8" . It doesn't smoke, just flickers. My husband says it's not a big deal. That flickering wouldn't be important to him as long as the candle threw out scent well and didn't smoke.

What about you.I know zinc burns cooler and that may be the HT problem... just curious as to what your opinion might be.

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I personally like a flickering candle. I would wait longer into the burn. Is it getting a full melt pool? Should have at about 3 hours. Is the jar if it is a jar getting too hot? I determine more on wicks with the 2nd and 3rd burn rather than the first. Hope this makes sense.

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