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slushy soy wax

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since I am new to all of this can all the soy waxes be poured when they are slushy or just certain ones? If it is just certain ones which are they. I have cargile C3 and it says nothing about pouring when slushy. Thanks to all who respond I feel so incompetent sometimes.:embarasse

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All soy-based waxes are not poured exactly the same. If you search the forums for NatureWax C3 (not Cargill - that's the company which used to own NatureWax), you should find the pouring directions. You can go here:


and fill out the form to gain access to the handling and pouring instruction PDF files.

There's a lot of range in the temperature ranges. At the top of this forum, people have written their personal experiences in the "Soy and Soy Blend Recommendations" sticky. Searching the forums for NatureWax C3 will also net a LOT of discussion.

Please don't feel "incompetent" - everyone was new to this at some point!! The only way to learn is to ask questions, test, try stuff and find out what works for you. It takes time and repetition. The search tool is your best friend! HTH ;)

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cargill is the manufacturer of the c-3
Carol, you are kinda correct - Cargill DID manufacture NatureWax® C-3, but it seems that function is being taken over by another company, Elevance.

The reason I pointed out the difference in the name was not to be nitpicky... When looking for manufacturer's information (not always available from supplier sites) it can no longer be found or linked to from the Cargill site - in fact, NatureWax® is not a word that is found on their site any longer. The NatureWax® site has been reworked and the url redirects to Elevance where the informational materials for NatureWax® C3 (and the rest of the NatureWax® line of products) now reside.

Cargill was (and may still be) the manufacturer of the NatureWax® line of soy-based candle waxes, but it no longer appears on their website as one of their products. They partnered with Elevance (formed in March 2008) in April 2008 to market Cargill's natural wax product line (Strahlux™) in Europe. The US line, NatureWax®, has also been turned over to Elevance. From the press releases, it isn't completely clear if Elevance will also be manufacturing NatureWax® as well as marketing and distributing, but it seems that they will.

"Elevance was formed to institutionalize work started in 2004 in collaboration between Cargill, one of the world’s largest producers of agricultural oils, and Materia, a leading edge technology organization leveraging patents from the California Institute of Technology (CalTech), to catalyze the commercial production of renewable chemicals.

A $40M round of funding was led by TPG Growth and TPG Biotechnology Partners to scale this existing and commercially proven technology already sold in the performance wax market, functional oils and antimicrobials, soon to be followed by lubricants, additives and other chemicals.
The company already has a strong foundation
commercial grade waxes that are sold on a global basis today, often under the name NatureWax®.

Apparently, Cargill also backed the creation of Elevance...


Originally, it was called Phytowax™ before Michael Richards sold the rights to his formulas to Cargill to manufacture, develop and distribute them as NatureWax® but has never been marketed to the public as Cargill C3... I see from the article above that Richards has faded from the NatureWax® story and been replaced by Robert Grubbs of Caltech... poor Michael... methinks he may have gotten screwed...

ANYWAY, don't go looking at Cargill for information about NatureWax® products, 'cause it ain't there no mo'.

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