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Gotta brag!

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So most of you know I switched from 100% soy to my own parasoy blend. I poured some candles this weekend. Pine, Brown Sugar Nutmeg, and Eggnog in the parasoy. I am testing them today. I know I know, it's a bit early but I was mainly testing for the wick today. I lit Pine and went about my day. Our mail man came and I went outside to get the mail, talked to him for a bit and came back in. the candle was in the back of my house in my entertainment room. When I walked back inside I could smell the candle from the front door. My neighbor came over a few minutes ago and asked "Are you burning one of those Glade candles" I had to laugh a bit (remembering the commercials) and said no, it was one of mine. It's amazing how much a little tweeking can do! Yayee!

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