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Is there a general rule of thumb for how long a candle will burn?

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Is there a general rule of how long a candle will burn based on diameter and depth of candle? I make container candles and usually always test them to figure out burn time but in the case of my 8 oz square mason jars I can't do one continuous burn for those. I used 70% CB Advanced and 30% 4786 paraffin and a 44-28-18 C wick.

I know it depends on wick, wax, scent etc. but just wondering if I can get an idea of how long to expect this one to burn. Prior to the 8 oz jars I was always making smaller container sizes.

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Hi, here is a good link and tutorial:


A continuous power burn should never be used to determine total burn time, no matter how small the candle is...danger Will Robinson, DANGER! :grin2: OK, I know I just dated myself big time!

The search feature above is a great tool for finding answers...

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