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Has anyone mixed Ecosoya CB Advanced with 4786 Paraffin?

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Has anyone mixed Ecosoya CB Advanced with IGI 4786 paraffin or any other type of paraffin wax? I bought a small amount and have tried it mixed with enchanted lites soy wax already although I did a 50/50 mix and want to do a 70/30 blend instead.

Just wondering how it worked for you?

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I've mixed the CBA with 6006, J223 and the 4630 with good results. I don't use 4786...so not much help with that...but

I'm assuming you could mix any container parrafin with your

soy. At least, that's what I've been doing to experiment.

Tonight I poured 2 JJ with 70% J223 / 30% CBA and there is

no frost, wet spots nor sinking near the wick. HTH

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So I couldn't wait to try out my candle and it burns beautifully with a great scent throw too and I used a sugared plum FO from a Canadian supplier. I tried it in an 8 oz square mason jar and am happy with the results. The 50% enchanted lites soy and 50% 4786 paraffin was not good for me as I could smell the paraffin when I burned my EO scented candle (yeah I know why use an EO with a soy/paraffin mix but it was something I just wanted to try, I'll stick to pure soy or a soy/palm blend for EO candles). The 70% soy and 30% paraffin is much better for me and smells great.

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When I mix may 70/30 I do everything the same as it were 100% soy. That was my starting base anyway. I'm not adding that much paraffin but I did learn to lower my pour temp a bit. I had to change a few of my wicks as well. I think it's just a trial and error kind of thing. You should know the heat to/pour at temps for both waxes and try to find an in between or at least give yourself somewhere to start at. You can adjust as you go if your test results aren't right. HTH.

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