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Just got my first HUGE order!

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Woohoo! A friend of my sister's owns a coffee shop here in town and my sister took her a candle. Well she wants 3 cases of my 4 oz. jar and 3 cases of my mason jars. Never thought this would happen. Espcially so soon after I actually got the process down! I'm dancing on stars right now! She is going to push them out before Thanksgiving. No pressure, right? LOL. I'm so happy

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Thanks for sharing that! I am finally about to start selling a bit and I am really looking forward to it. I have tested and tested and tested some more....and I am confident in my product and my testers are too...

I hope I can get this lucky right off the bat..I am happy for you and excited for me...LOL


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Congrats! And I'm going to say this nicely of course, but - are you completely and totally covered with product liability? If not, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get that ASAP before putting a single candle in a store.

But that's easy to get, so again, congrats on it! I love to hear these types of stories of all of us - just shows that even though the economy may be down it's not out! :)

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