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How Long


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Depends on whether you are buying a base or making your own. Also if using a base are you adding more than just f/o. How sterile is your work environment what containers are you putting it in. Are they sterile too?

Usually bases will last anywhere from 6 months up to a year baring no nasties or germies have gotten into them when prepping.

If you make it yourself I do not know. Depends if you use preservatives and again sterile working environment.

You do not have to put a use by date on them no at least not that I am aware of.

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Well I made a lotion from MMS and I tweaked with some other oils and butters that I had, And I did use Germall Plus preservative at .5%. And I sterilise everything with Oxy Clean

The lotion steel feels great and smells great I made it In 1 July of this

year here is what I use

Kokum Butter

Shea Butter unri








That's all

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