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KISS eternal candles


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Hi all, I'm doing a lot in this period, but I have no time to take pics LOL!!

These were taken by a friend once he got the candles.

These are two eternal candles I made especially for him, he's a big KISS fan (me too LOL) and has a whole room dedicated to KISS, he calls it "the museum".

So here they are.

One has four pics, one one each side, so I'm going to show you two pics of it.

Thanks for looking!!!!



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Thanks everyone!

I too prefer the "supposed black one"... It should have been black, but I couldn't get a true black. I use peaks black liquid dye, and used quite abit the wax started smelling funky, so I had to stop adding dye. With palm is hard to achieve very dark colors.

So it's more charchoal/carbon, but I like it.

The uncolored one is nice, but doesn't stand out as the other.

Thanks again!!

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