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Wax is igi 4627, fo is 10%, wick is eco 2 and container is a one oz. tin, appx 2" diameter. I am using a new testing method. I am now allowing the candle to burn for 2 hours before I rate it. I am using my master bedroom which is appx 15'x20' with 8 ft ceilings.

A rating of "10" means that the scent filled the room and was an extremely powerful scent.

A rating of "9" means that the scent filled the room.

A rating of "8" means that the scent filled the room but was a "barely there" type of scent.

Anything lower than an "8", I rated as "0".

I would only reccomend oils with a rating of 9 or 10.

Amish Harvest- 10

As many have said, the oil is a twin of AH Celtic Moonspice. I thought that it may have been a bit heavier on the cinnamon ?

Chestnuts & Br Sugar-10

A nut and cinnamon type scent.

Kudzu- 10

Very fruity, grape, tropical type smell

Apple Brown Betty-10

My favorite of the bunch- More apple than cinn or br sugar

Sweet Potato Pie- 9

Cinnamon bakery type

Cactus Sea Salt- 10

I loved this clean scent. I smell a fresh water type scent, heavy on the salt but no kelp/seaweed


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I did try to use 6% and 8% because people here were very insistent on this point. However, I do feel that the candles were not as powerful (my opinion).

I think that 10% makes an awesome candle with most oils. However, there are a couple (Little Black Dress, Celtic Moonspice, Hansel & Gretel) that I use 8% bec 10% seeps or makes my nose hairs burn.

I did start out using 12% but found that 10% was equally as powerful; I couldn't detect a difference. I did not think that 6% or 8% was equally as powerful but many would disagree with me.



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