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New scents from NG


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Hi all, I also got Reindeer Poo and really like this fragrance. A few of my customers liked it too, so far. Another great one I just got from NG is Pilgrim's Pie.....Very good scent. Everyone loved this one! Strong scent and ooh so yummy!

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I ordered a lot of samples from NG new scents. So many great ones. So far I have burned

Cinnamon Yum Yums great strong & yummy.

Frosted Lime cupcake tart but yet sweet. Great scent throw.

Pomegranate Creme another awesome one.

Pilgrim's Pie another strong & awesome.

Nutcracker wish it was just a little bit stronger but mixed it with Cherries & chestnuts 50/50

Trick or Treat change the name to Holiday Frenzy. throw nice

Harvest Moon great clean unqiue scent

Christmas Memories another clean holiday scent. Strong throw.

Buttered Maple oats & honey. Makes your mouth water. very strong

The Reindeer Poo is already a hit. The name & poem are cute but it smells great. Put the name on the label.


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Here is the description of the poo along with a poem that comes with it...........

An NG Original Fragrance! This holiday season, have fun, laugh a little, and embrace a good sense of humor. That is what we did when creating Natures Garden's Reindeer Poo fragrance! This fragrance will lift your holiday spirits, and add a little magic to your life! Reindeer Poo begins with top notes of apples and pears; followed by middle notes of eucalyptus, pine, and geranium; and well-balanced with base notes of vanilla, cedarwood, and patchouli. We believe that the bubbly top notes coincide with the feeling children have when they see Santa's reindeer magically flying through the sky. We have even included a cute poem for you to use when selling this fantastically, fun fragrance!

Santa saved a precious gift

And it's especially for you.

Just a little something extra

And it comes from Rudolph, too!

He knows that you've been naughty

Instead of being nice.

Once again you're on the bad list

And he's checked it over twice.

Santa hopes this little poem

Doesn't throw you for a loop.

All your getting this year

Is a bunch of reindeer poop!

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Every year for shows I pick a scent that seems to have everyone talking.This year it was Tomato Leaf. Finally sold both and customers sure were talking about how real the scent was. One lady got it for her mom who loves working in the garden. The other just loved to smell tomatoes just out of the garden.

I can see Christmas get togethers.Someone says "Oh I love the candle you are burning".What is it. Reindeer Poo??? :grin2:

For the soap Yes I would change the name. I can see people coming for a visit or kids/grandkids needing to wash their hands and you say "Use my reindeer poo or poo soap". You'll love it.

I think I have a new fragrance for next year. Christmas scents never sell no matter how cute the name but this MIGHT. Maybe the website?? Still time for that. .


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