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How does one USE oxides and ultramarines? is there a tutorial somewhere?


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I bought a ton of stuff off an old soaper..she said they were 2 years old but then come to find out from ANOTHER local soaper than she went to look and they are actually 12 years old...sigh.. I am still happy with how much I spent ($100) because there was a 1 ounce bottle of sandalwood in there under the huge pound bottles :D:D but I have a few questions.

There was a big ol dusty box full of oxides and ultramarines. I have always used Clay and Herbs to color my soaps so I have NO idea what to do with these.

Do oxides and ultramarines have a "best by" date or will they color forever? Can I use them in a room spray for kids for monsters and sweet dreams or do they not disolve in water? Or will they dye everything they touch? lol... including the kids and the $300 Pottey barn blanket (no, not mine, my customers, lol)

anyhow, complete newbie here about these colors :) hopefully I wont have to toss the whole box...

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