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Candle Company Fragrances List


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I know I saw a list somewhere that had the names of popular fragrances that are trademarked by certain candle companies. Was it here? I checked Candle Cauldron too cause I thought I might have seen it there.

Does anyone know what list I am talking about and how I can find it? Thanks.

Anyway-- Isn't Amish Harvest a trademarked name? Its one of the oils I am trying to determine is trademarked or not.

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I read this list a LONG time ago when I first started making my own candles and haven't thought much about it till I read this thread.. I am about ready to start selling a little and I have a few names that I have to change... So THANK YOU for bringing it up....:highfive:

I have searched for some updates but as of right now I can't hardly find any more info..If I do I will try to remember to post them here..


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