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My customer (aunt) loved this!

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I already posted a very similiar post like this in the veggie section because posted it was about hiding frost marks or ugly spots on soy candles. I talked to a fellow candle maker who said frost marks or not, she dresses up her candle by wrapping it in decorative tissue paper, and securing it with a matching ribbon or raffia. The tissue paper doesn't go all the way up the jar so there is no worry of it catching on fire. I had a candle for my aunt that just did not want to behave, went out and bought some halloween printed tissue, wrapped the jar and tied it off with a orange cloth ribbon. She came to pick it up about 20 minutes ago. She loved it! I told her she could take the tissue off if she wanted and she said "Hell no! That gives it character!"

Just a help hint if you were having trouble like I was or looking for something "different"

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