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A clever way to hide frosting/ugly marks!

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I was talking to a friend of mine who is also a candle maker and she doesn't care about the frost marks because she disguises them! She takes some wrapping tissue paper (the kind you use in gift bags and such) and twists it a bit as she wraps it up around her jar, ties a pretty ribbon around the candle to secure the paper (she never puts the paper above the widest part of the jar) and adds her label. Says she got the idea from wine bottles. Her customers love it! She tells the people they can either remove the paper or leave it there (again, the paper is not even close to the opening of the jar so there is no fire hazard). What do you think?

I get paid on Thursday and will be trying this out. I bet you could get really creative too, because they have so many designs on the paper....

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I don't. My Dig. Camera burnt up in my house fire in September. Plan to get one for my B-day next week. :D Anyway, what I did was set teh jar in the middle of the tissue paper then folded the paper upwards and kind of twisted it as I did it. I tied the ribbon around the neck of the jar then cut of the extra sticking out paper so it didn't look ugly. I twisted the paper a little more to get a "swirl" look. Applied my "new" label and there ye have it! I will do another and find some way to take a pic.

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