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GB 464 one wick too big, next size too small

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Hi All,

I am burning two testers with 9% CS Pumpkin Souffle. Light color, 1/2 butterscotch chip to a pound. One is wicked with an ECO 12, the other with an ECO 14. 10 ounce status glass from CS, 3 inch diameter.

The 14 is burning very well, just leaving a light coating of wax, more like a film. almost to the end of the wax now. The 12 is also burning nicely, but much slower, as i would expect. There's still a little over an inch of wax left and there's a thicker coat of wax than the 14. The throw from both is totally amazing, of course i'm getting a longer burn from the 12. I think the sides may still get better, lighter film, but not sure. The glass is just a LITTLE bit hot with the 14, with the 12, even with a 12 hour power burn, it's fine.

My question is when someone says they like the glass so they can hold it, does that mean when burned properly, or at least close to properly, or does it mean even if someone lets the candle burn for 14 hours?

I have to decide soon which wick to use. Any thoughts? Also, would anyone try adding more color and going with the 14? Or cutting back and maybe using no color and going with the 12? Will that help enough?

Sorry for the long note, but I'm trying to get all the info in.



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