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Has anyone soaped


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I have soaped it..

I didn't not really care for the smell...and it did not hold it's scent very well..

It traced pretty fast, but that is not a problem if you really like it..

Here is some more of their's that I have soaped..I know you did not ask for these but I thought while I was at it..I would pass on my findings...

I have soaped their Asian Plum, and love it..it does trace pretty fast..but the scent just keeps getting better and better...I have a bar that is 6 months old and smells wonderful..and it'a color stays nice and creamy...this is one of my favorite scents in soap that I have made..

I also love their Blackberry Amber..which is a slow trace..and turns a very pretty soft amber color..I swirled with a dark raspberry color and it turned out really nice..

Sexy little things I do not care for..and the smell fades fast..but does stay creamy color..

Pink Lemonaid does not hold it's smell very long either..slow trace..stays creamy color with a tinge of yellowness...

Velvet Turberose is a slow trace..stays creamy..holds its scent, but It is a light scent, but nice. definatly smell the rose..

HTH out some..;)

forgot to add..if you really want a nice Aqua scent FOH has a great Aqua....I love love their Aqua..Soaps really nice..scent sticks like glue..Stays creamy color..and I love this smell..A Very soft scent but , you defantly know its there..love it..

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