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Heyyy What's Everyone Making These Days


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I poured over 250 jar candles today for orders and have enamel mugs (small and large) and apothecary jars to pour tomorrow.

You name it, I poured it! LOL

amish harvest

mexican vanilla

toasted marshmallow

hot baked apple pie

amish friendship bread

creme brulee

vanilla bake

chestnuts & brown sugar

vanilla bomb

cranberry orange spice

christmas hearth


glade glistening snow

hunter's moon

christmas memories


wrangler butt


blackberry jam butter cookies

deck the halls

frosted pumpkin

pumpkin souffle

coffee cake & spice

breakfast @ carrie's


honey gingerbread

hot buttery cinnamon

iced cinnamon rolls

southern home

winter candy apple

apple vanilla

After I get them boxed up for labeling and lids, then it's laundry time and mowing...


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Dunno how the show is going. Do know, when I get done working today I'll have to concentrate on Cedar, drakkar, Very Sexy for him, lilac, lavender, goodlooking cowboy, black raspberry vanilla, finish off the pineapple and get to testing my Wildfire order after I figure out some Christmas scents to go with mulled cider and xmas cabin. Dang that's a lot of stuff to work on in less than a day. Course depends on what happened at the show today too.

Almost thinking Angel or Interlude could replace the Silent Night BnL used to carry ... the stuff is heavy perfumy and stinky IMO.

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I'm up to my eyeballs in tarts. 2 of our wholesale accounts just ordered some to the tune of over 800 of the little suckers. I used to like making them but right now I'm just not sure anymore :laugh2: Seems like those are hot sellers right now. With the way the economy is they are inexpensive so people are really stocking up on them.

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Doing 2 orders from the same person. Ordered 2 days in a row. All candles and tarts. Pretty much all I do.

The last 2 weeks did a show and a big wholesale account.Got those both out the same week and was beat.Had to keep up wth my candles for the show at the same time.So alot of pouring

that week.

Been working on Chestnuts and Brown Sugar trying to figure why the scent is not burning right and drowning.Tried 2 companies and both FO's did the same. On my 3rd company today and the scent is doing great. So this week will pour 12 of those candles.

Been working on this scent for almost 2 weeks. The running to the different companies, making and the testing. NEVER had this problem before.

Computer is down so haven't made the labels for the 2 orders. Husband is ticked and so am I. Making me way behind. Like 12 hours behind.:mad:

For tomorrow hope computer is fixed. I need labels done and order packed for Monday.My goal and I will make it.Gotta.


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I am so glad I read this post. You are so busy. How refreshing. I found out the hard way I need to come up on my wholesale price. I sold 30 cases wholesale, and didn't have much left over when I replaced the jars, etc. Darn. I hate to tell them I have to go up again. I have made so many pumpkins, I am sick of them. Now I am making Christmas candles. I love to make them at first, then my nose gets weird and they all smell the same. The season is going by too fast. I want it to slow down and run for 8 more months. I think this year, I will wait until after Christmas and go Christmas shopping. So much cheaper and less traffic. Don't cha think? You can get twice as much too. My 10.00 will really go far. lol:laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2:

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