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Wax mix ??

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Well I didn't get any responses so I just gave it a whirl. I took

4 oz. glass glow from candlescience

4 oz. of pillar paraffin

1/4 t. vybar

1/4 t. stearic

.7 oz Pumpkin Patch FO

I made 5- 2 oz. votives and for the most part they turned out well. There were no crystals but, I have to say this recipe of sorts turned out better than the tarts and wickless candles I made with the glass glow itself.

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I got this wax from candlescience and I made my tarts and wickless candles all with their glass glow no additives, warmed the jars, insulated the jars and still no crystalization and the tops were just plain awful looking.

The results I got today were beautiful compared to what I had in the past. Infact I may just keep this formulation for future or at least until my paraffin slab is gone.

My test votive so far has been burning for 6 hours, has pooled (I think thats what its called) all the way to the edges and is burning nice and clean, no smoke, has a good scent throw. I couldn't ask for a better votive.

I've only made votives a couple of times so this is just experimenting really.

Thanks for your help.


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