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Has anyone used Patchouli EO to make a candle?

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I want to make a Patchouli soy/palm wax container candle and want to use Sandalwood FO and mix it in with Patchouli EO. Has anyone used Patchouli EO before in a blend?

Awhile back I did a small sample of Patchouli and Lemongrass EO and it smelled great but left a black residue as the flame was burning so I know that was a no no. Wondering though if I mixed Patchouli with an EO. Or I could just do all all Sandalwood candle since I don't have an Patchouli FO scent.

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If your Patchouli Lemongrass candle left a black residue while burning it sounds to me like either your wick was too large in size for the diameter of the candle, or in height whilst burning, or there was too high a % of fo blend in the wax.

I've used Patchouli in soy before with no problems but not blended it with a f.o.


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I make a candle with patchouli, orange and lavender. I use very little patchouli, about .10 oz, cuz it doesn't need very much. I do a total of 4%, it will fill a large living room.

I got a couple pounds of patchouli when it was still $30 per lb. I miss those days.

Another mix that smells great is Ylang, lavender, and patchouli.

It can be harder to wick, the flames fizzle easy, but it is so worth it when you get it right. I don't get black soot with my burns either, I'm using soy.

I haven't mixed Patch with an fo. I have mixed many other eos with fos, and they work very well.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback. Yes, I think something was up with my Lemongrass/Patchouli blend and I'll try it again but change the percentage of scent, try a lower height and look at my wick size.

Shortly after I posted this I typed in Patchouli EO soy candle and found a place that uses straight Patchouli EO but I will use it in a mix due to cost.

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