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Deli tubs and cylinder bottles

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Try www.wesellcoffee.com for the tubs.

The website is a bit silly, but good prices- last time I looked. They may sell cylinder bottles, I bought 32 oz cylinders from them with spouts to fill sample bottles.

What type of cylinder bottle? Clear PET, HDPE, natural ... etc.


Here is the tub link, this website, errr. BAD.


Torani coffee syrup on sale, awesome in coffee and cappuccino. LOL!!

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I haven't shopped for natural 16 oz cylinders in ages, once in a while, Container & Packaging has them in their clearance section for cheap. SKS too, but sometimes they have the squirt bottle type, just change out the lid.

What is the meltpoint on the CO?

Those locking tubs are usually not inexpensive. Couldn't you use the heavy duty deli tubs [various sizes] and clear shipping tape? It would be solid as a rock, at this time of year, pretty quickly after it was portioned out. I suppose it matters what states you'd be shipping to if it remained solid.

It all depends on what you want to spend, I believe. :wink2:

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