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Eggnog & Pumpkin Pie Spice

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I donated two candles at my work this week for our weekly auction. The money is then donated to Children's Miracle Network. Anyway, the two candles were Eggnog and Pumpkin Pie Spice chunk candles. One was Pumpkin Pie Spice orange chunks with cream Eggnog over pour and the other was the opposite, white eggnog chunks with PPS over pour. They were 12 oz Mason jar candles which I normally sell at 6.99 each. I was just called by my friend who said both candles sold at $17 each to two different people, That feels so good! I am the only one who makes candles in our area and people have begun banging down my door! My phone never stops ringing! This year will be the first I do a craft show for the holidays and I am so excited!

Thanks for listening! :D

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6.99 for a 12 oz. mason jar is too cheap. You really should take a look at your cost. Especially with the higher prices of wax these days.

Your wax is probably costing you around .10-.12 cents an ounce x 12 ounces = $1.20.

Figure another .95 cents for fragrance. That's about 8% I think. Doing this in my head.

Then you've got the cost of the jar. Let's say it's .75 cents.

You've got $2.90 in cost and I did not figure in the color, wicks, additives plus your labor. You've also got to think about the utilities used to make the product.

If it's just a hobby and all you really want to do is recoup your cost of goods and make a little bit of cash, that's great but when it comes down to making a living at it, your prices are too low.

I have a store and have been open for 9 years. Every year it gets harder to make it. But, I just had a price increase in September and not one person blinked an eye. My 12 oz. Salsa jars are $12.95 each. I sell an 8oz. salsa jar for $8.95.

I sell a 6 oz. jelly jar for 5.95. It's going up to $6.95 the 1st of November.

Just something to think about if you're really going to give it a go. The candles sound great with the different chunks and overpour.

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SharonA you really need to keep your opinions to yourself.........

JUST KIDDING... ONLY KIDDING..... really. You just won my boyfriend's argument for him. LOL. I really was only kidding by the way. Hopefully you didn't take me seriously. I have been dabating with him about the prices of my jars. I wanted to stay low because I know times are hard and the economy is bad, but he says if people want a better burning candle they will pay the price. he told me to ask other chandlers and they would agree with him. LOL. I hate it when he is right. :D It happens way too often......

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Glad I got through to you!!!!

I know you don't want to take advantage of people and yes, times are hard. It's much easier to take a buck or 2 off if your heart tells you to do so.

On my 12 ounce, 12.95 each or 3 for $36.00

Same with the 8 oz.

If people are used to buying them at $6.99, you may encounter some resistance trying to raise your prices. You'll have to do it gradually but if you say, well, my costs continue to rise and I have to adjust my prices, most will say.... of course you should!!! They don't want to sound cheap!!

Best of luck of to you.


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I used to sell my jars that size at $10 but with wax going up I have since raised them to $12. Unfortunatly I haven't sold many with the new price, I know that I am not in the position to buy a $12 candle, but I do still get repeat customers who know what a good candle is!

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