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Would you consider using this much FO?

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I was talking to a lady at a craft show this morning who makes soy candles. Didn't reveal to her I made candles but asked about how she makes them smell so good. She told me she uses 9% FO (I told her I didn't know what 9% meant, LOL, so she went on the explain the process of adding FO to wax) in all her candles, which is more than most use.

I never use that in my pure soy! At the most I use 7%. I tried that much when I first started doing this and got huge mushrooms.

What do you all think. Is this the norm? Should I try it? It just made me think maybe I am the one out of the loop, not her.

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If you are using good, quality oils 6 to 7% should be the most you need for a great candle with a super throw. I have lots of oils I actually can use 3 to 5% for a great throw. As you found out using more can cause mushrooms or even weak flames, which to me is a total waste of money. If an FO needs 9% or higher for a good throw, I won't use it. :cool2:

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I remember learning this (%)back when I first started, but somehow I got into a system of using 1oz of fo per lb. If it doesn't smell strong enough with this I don't reorder it. However to use up the bottle I add 1.25 oz or 1.33oz per lb to get it strong enough. So what am I using the percentage % way? Am I using the norm 6%/7% or more?

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I have a friend whose co-worker used 1.5 ounce to a lb. When I first started to make candles my friend said don't bother making candles if you don't use 1.5 ounce.They will not be strong and you won't sell any .So our first candle we used 1.5 ounce to a lb of APPLE PIE. Couldn't wait to try our first candle so as soon as it hardened I lit it. We had to fumigate the house I thought I would suffocate with that much FO and the jar was pitch black. Never again will I use that much. You can imagine the flame.

Now my friend says my candles are strong. I tell her I don't have to use that much FO. I did see her co-workers candle burn and it was black. What a waste to use that much FO. Triple scented doesn't mean it is a good candle.Some FO you might have to wick up but so far I find none. If the candle like someone else mentioned isn't strong with 1 ounce they don't use that FO.I feel the same way.A waste.

One I dropped this year was Harvest after burning it and not feeling it is a strong burning candle with 1 ounce FO. Will replace it with something else for fall.


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ok, i got the following:

coffee break...seems weak OOB

coffee caramel cream.....nice...stronger than coffee break

vanilla rum cake....YUM!

country vanilla......all i smell is cinnamon, not very vanilla'y to me

country coconut.....very nice...i smell a little bit of a fruity note.

patchouli blossom.....flowery, but not annoyingly so. nice blend of patch and floral.

vanilla sugar.....nice, but kinda weak oob

warm vanilla sugar....nice, pretty dead on as a bbw dupe

haven't gotten any in a candle yet.

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