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Sandalwood Rose...unmolded and cut


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Is that sandalwood rose discoloring a little bit? Whose did you use? Mind if I drill you for answers lol. How long is that mold of yours? It's a lovely batch. What's the reddish color? I seem to not be able to get red so much as oh pink.

Questions always welcome, and happily answered!

It does discolor, this one is from my surplus supply from Old Mill before they went OOB. The mold is 18" long, 3.5 x 2.5 and I used 58 oz of oils and full water..went right to the top of the silicone.

The color is BB's Merlot Mica

Oh, and there are a couple of those molds for sale at the Dish on SoapSaver if you qualify to buy/sell there. Mine arrived in PRISTINE condition!

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