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Soft bar of soap


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Every once in a while i get a batch of soap that is soft. I have a batch right now, i am leaving it to cure & hoping it will harden up.

I do not gell my soaps, but they all harden up nicely, with the exception of this latest batch.

Can't think of anything i have done differently. I used sandlewood FO. Smells great, no lye holes, no seperation. What do you all think?

Would love your opinions, thanks, Vanessa

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I sometimes get an off batch when I am using Palm Oil that hasnt been stired.

I didn't think about that but so true. I have also experienced soap that is crumbly if I don't stir my palm - but only when its hot enough outside to melt it. If my palm is not melted from the heat, I don't have that problem.

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