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Taylored 50/50

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Does anyone here use this wax? I have not had to buy any for at least a year. I just ended up ordering more for tealights. I was using another wax for the awesome throw in tealights but decided to go back to the 50/50 because the other wax was too soft. I only ordered a couple of slabs just to make sure it is the same as the old box I just finished up. I wanted to make sure before I continue with it full force ahead and good thing I did.........sure enough, it has changed! I even asked them if there has been any change from a year or so ago and they said no. It is really soft and came in to separate boxes in a plastic bag. You cannot cut it up. It is not as sticky as the Comfort Blend but it is really soft and you can scoop it up. Who knows it may give off a great scent throw but I was trying to stay away from overly soft waxes for tealights. Does anyone use this wax that has used it for a few years and noticed the change? It seems like it is one thing or the other with tealights for me. Maybe I am destined to not carry them....but I am too stubborn. Thanks for any input. :)

P.S. It has a slight smell to it too.....I guess what petroleum would smell like or oil of some sort and it is not a veggie oil smell. I don't like wax that has a underlying smell to it unless it is a very natural scent like my soy has -- love that smell.

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