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For those of you with IKEA molds


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I know probably you all are alot smarter than me..:D

And have already thought of this..

But In case there are any like me..I want to pass on a tip.

I line my Ikea molds with that funky foam..I cut the ends a bit longer so I can get the soap out of the molds easier..but it is still hard sometimes to pull it out..

My tip..Take a plastic grocery bag, cut it so it is the length of the inside of the mold, make it long over the sides so you have plenty of plastic to get ahold of to pull out..and lay it smoothly in the mold before putting in the funky foam..

So So easy,,,Just get ahold of that plastic,,and out comes the soap..funky foam an all..

I don't know why I didn't think of it along time ago..:o

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ok.. now I have to ask... when y'all say you lined your mold with the silicon baking sheets or funky foam, what do these liners look like?

I just can't figure it.. i wanna say i see something like a rectangle with long ends n sides, kinda like if you took a shoe box and cut along the standing corners n flattened it out.. am I right? is this what y'all r doing?

I don't mind lining with freezer paper, but would be willing to try something new if it saves me a lil time.

TIA gals

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kAYLOR Kreation..Yes that is what I do..I use Funky Foam..and just cut to fit snuggly..Bottom first..then the ends..then the sides..

Sherry...I am not sure what they are called..but they are in the office section..Copy the picture from this post,,take it with you..I bet someone there will know where they are..They are not put together for you..But they are easy to do..I did mine myself...but they do have some make up for you to see..They also have one that has 3 small drawers like the one shown here, and two drawers that could be slab molds..HTH

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