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Silver Dye Question

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Bitter Creek has a silver metallic pigment blocks that you use to dip your pillar, tapers, etc. in. It works much better than spraying them.....that's a mess and a real pain in the ass!! http://secure.candlesupply.com/catalog_page.cfm?queries_index=index7&ProductCodeID=38&ProductSubCodeID=49

I used the pigment for 2 weddings I needed silver pillars and tapers and it worked great!! You melt straight paraffin wax ( or whatever wax want or use) and add the pigment. I used a 4 lb. pour pot for dipping my 3 x 6 pillars and a 3 x 9 pillar mold (duct taped the hole) for dipping my 8" tapers. I dipped them twice for best results. Good luck!! :cool2:

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