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well hopefully this thread will stay. i use their vanilla maple pecan with great results in gb415 soy.

i ordered these oils, so if anybody has any reviews i would appreciate them.

blackberry amber

cool cocoa

hot cranberry tea

jack frost

midnight orchid

moonlight lace - hoping this is like ky's

sandalwood & ginger apple

sweet holiday blend coffee

tommy bahama type- this is going into soap. great mens scent.

vanilla macadamia nut coffee

vanilla satin.


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Sorry CarolK, I have not tried any of those, but I have tried some and my favorites are:



Oregano- if anyone is looking for very strong herbs, these are it, they throw like crazy, even in tiny tealights in 415

Lemon Lavender

Cinnamon Apple Berry



I have to check my notes and see if there are any others. I just placed an order. I needed more samples:D

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Here are the samples I decided to order -

Apple Slices

Butter Pecan Pie

Blackberry Amber (BBW Type)

Blueberry Cobbler

Butternut Pumpkin

Butter Pecan Pie

Candied Yams

Creamy Vanilla

Hawaiian Breeze


Lemon Lavender

Midnight Orchid

Mulled Cider

Obsession for Men

Pear Berry

Pink Lime

Pomegrantate Cider


Red Currant

Red Velvet Cake

Rose Petals

Sweet Potato Pie

Tiare Flower

I foresee a lot of pouring in my immediate future

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Oh my goodness...I started putting everything in my cart that sounded good..

When I looked at the total..it was $74.00...I backed out of that..and am rethinking this..It was so hard not to hit that pay button..But I didn't...Now I need to really decide which ones I really want to try..As I have not ever ordered from there...

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