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In a bind! j50 & wicks

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Hi Guys,

I haven't posted in a really long time. I was on a break for awhile (about a year) from candle making until a show came up. I do soy candles and also a j50/joywax blend, or I used to, until I just now realized the Joy wax was discontinued by NG! At least that's how it looks on their website. So here I am asking for help. I might have enough joy wax to get me through this show, but I'm afraid I won't. I was hoping you could help me out. I can't possibly re-test everything in time for the show, but I do have time to order new wicks. If I use straight j50 would you recommend zinc wicks? The jars I'm using are Libby tumblers about 2.75" diameter. I used zinc before but I'm afraid they will smoke too much with out the joy wax in the blend. Do you think Eco wicks would be a better choice? Candle Science recommends the Eco wicks so that's what I was thinking of trying. I'm kind of stuck.

Any thoughts? :undecided


ps-I am aware of all the issues everyone had with the joy wax so I figured that's why it's gone. I'm not looking for trade secrets, I promise, just a little help to get me through this show. Thanks!

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Thanks for the reply. I was nervous to ask the question :o . I think zinc would be my first choice since that what I use now. I was in a bit of a panic last night when I posted and as it turns out I have just enough of my blend left to get me through.

Also, I hope I haven't mislead anyone that uses Joy Wax. I emailed NG to inquire and they have NOT discontinued it. This is the response form NG:

"We have not discontinued the Joy Wax, but we are out of stock of it. We are expecting a partial shipment this week. As soon as we have it available again we will put it back on the website. "

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