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how much fo for lotion


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it says i can do 2%-3% fo per lb of lotion and body wash. Im thinking of sticking to 3%. But i want to for two different scents with one lb of lotion. how do i cut the measurements? i dont know how much 3% is. how much fo should i use if im doing 3% to 8 oz of lotion?

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Guest jurnalynn

its late i can't think do you have a scale that does both ounces and grams i measure my lotion in ounces then i flip it over to grams keep in mind you have to remember how much the bowl weighs so you can deduct that from the weight so if you have say 100 grams 2% would be 2 grams 1000 would be 20 grams and so on its really not that difficult


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thank you guys! how much should i put in with 2% for 8 oz?:undecided

sorry for all the questions, but this is my first time trying lotion:o

2% of 8 oz = .16 oz You'll have to weigh it out on your scale.

If you have a calculater, just do:

8.0 X 2%(your calculater should have a % sign) & it will equal 0.16.

So weigh out .16 oz fo & add it to your 8 oz of lotion for a 2% fo load.

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