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I have an opportunity...


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... to buy into some retail space as a part of a multi-business venture. It's loosely being termed a co-op but only because it hasn't been decided what business structure to use. Essentially there is some retail space available in an area that is being targeted for urban revitalization in a town just north of where I live. The space has been sitting vacant for quite awhile and the landlord is willing to come way down on asking price because he doesn't want the space to continue to sit vacant. The City is doing a lot of work to help the area advertise and is putting in something like a market square almost right across the street.

I had an initial meeting yesterday with the city's coordinator and a couple of other prospective vendors. Right now it's looking like it may be a mix of retail and service based.

I am really excited by the opportunity to get into this from the ground up - I can't afford to open a retail location myself OR make enough stock to fill a store, so the thought of going into this as a group is pretty cool.

There are still many details to work out and a lot of concerns/issues were expressed during the meeting, but I wanted to run tis past y'all and see if anyone had experience with a co-op or multi-vendor retail venture. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated -- I've been thinking over LOTS of details in my head, but could use the power of many minds to help make sure I don't get caught by surprise by something I didnn't consider.

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I'd be on that in a New York minute! I would be thrilled with a group retail space like that.

I have always thought it would be great to lease a strip center or an old Walmart store (the smaller ones) and start a working artists center. Lease space to work with a common sales area.

Good luck!

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