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Shop now open pics


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Yea..we are now open.

Here are the after pics.


We took the brown door off since the other one has a lock now.

We have just enough space. ...and a little room for gift baskets as I do them.

Still stocking items. I made candles & melts all day today while I was there..all holiday scents. We were open today but there was no traffic..town was empty today because there is a home football game. So my official open date it Tuesday. We are going to do our grand opening the same two days as our towns Victorian Christmas. There will lots of people around where my shop is at that time.

I also have to put lights in the windows and SOMETHING..??? in them to show what we have. They are kind of high up off the road so I have to put stuff very close to the window. Maybe hand a sign of some sort in each one. Dunno yet.

Also I put a display in the buildings from window for fall. One of the other businesses already complimented on it and said it makes you want to come in. So that made me happy. That was the whole point. :)

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Thanks all!:D

Been working my butt off while I am there stocking. I poured so many scents of candles the other day I left with a headach.


Thought I would take a break the next few days and do some bath & body stuff or gift baskets.

I still have a few things to do and so does my landlord. They are still finishing the hall before you come into my shop hall area.

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